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Comparison of our trading simulators for Metatrader 4

Since lots of people are asking about the differences between our main products, Forex Simulator and MT4 Trading Simulator Pro, here I present a comparison table to make the choice easier for you. I have also included a third product, PipFinite Trading Simulator, which is a modified version of MT4 Trading Simulator Pro, created in cooperation with PipFinite. This simulator can only be purchased on MQL5 Market.

 Forex SimulatorMT4 Trading Simulator ProPipFinite Trading Simulator
Data sourceDukascopy, TrueFX and broker's data from MT4Broker's data from MT4Broker's data from MT4
Data qualityTick-by-tick (high quality)At best 1-minute (medium or low quality)At best 1-minute (medium or low quality)
Where it worksOn offline chartsOn Strategy Tester + offline chartsOn Strategy Tester
SpreadsReal (variable) and fixedOnly fixedOnly fixed
InstrumentsDukascopy: 33 Forex pairs, oil, gold, silver and 12 stock indexes
TrueFX: 15 Forex pairs
MT4: all provided by the broker
All provided by MT4 brokerAll provided by MT4 broker
ChartsStandard timeframes
Custom timeframes
Renko charts
Range charts
Tick charts
Standard timeframesOne selected standard timeframe
Use of MT4 indicatorsYes, most of themYes, most of themYes, most of them
Time zoneGMT and New York CloseBroker's time zoneBroker's time zone
Speed controlPause
Change speed
Next bar
Real-time delays
Change speed
Change speed
RewindingYes (candle-by-candle)--
Risk-based position sizingYesYes-
Visual tradingYesYesYes
Showing average position price-YesYes
Quick edit mode--Yes
Live trading--Yes
Economic calendarYes--
Exporting history to ExcelYes--
Automatic pauseYes--
Order templatesYes--
Multiple timeframesYesYes-
One-cancels-other (OCO)YesYes-
Market and pending ordersYesYesYes
SL and TPYesYesYes
Partial closing of ordersYesYesYes
Trailing stopsYesYesYes
Saving to HTML reportYesYesYes
Free updatesYesYesYes
Free demoYesYesYes
Affiliate programYes, earn 40% per sale--
Price99 USD49 USD88 USD