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How to have your strategy coded

Soft4FX was offering EA programming services for Metatrader for a few years. We do not do it any longer, but we know how the business works. If you are in need for someone who can code your EA, here are a few places where you can search for programmers.

Freelancers at

Hundreds of MQL programmers are waiting for you in the Freelance section of Really. Although the place looks as it was designed for MQL5 and Metatrader 5, in reality there are many more jobs for Metatrader 4. It turns out that MT4 is still more often used by traders and brokers than its successor.

First, you post your project (or at least a short description) and programmers place their bids. Then, you choose the one you like best. There are statistics and ratings for every programmer, so you can easily see how many jobs he or she has done, how much time it takes to complete on average or how much money it costs on average.

Each freelancer in the top 10 has already done more than 400 jobs, but there are lots of others who have completed at least 100 jobs. You can surely find experienced people there.

The good thing about is that you do not risk your money being stolen. After selecting the developer and accepting the price, your money is locked in the system. It is released to the developer only after the job is finished and accepted by you.

The bad thing is that work is organised in a 5-step process, so it may take quite a lot of time and effort to go through these steps.

Lists of EA developers

You can search for lists and reviews of EA developers, for example:

Use Google

A quick search for EA programmer, MQL programmer, MT4 programmer or EA developer should bring a lot of results. You can also search in other languages, but there will be fewer results.

EA builders

Expert Advisor builder (generator) can be an alternative to a human programmer. It is program which lets you create your own trading robot without any programming skills. EA builders can work online or be installed in the system. Part of them are free while more advanced ones need to be paid for.

The weakness of EA builders is that they have many limitations, so not every strategy can be automated in this way. Nevertheless, they are worth trying.

We do not want to advertise any specific program here, but a quick Google search for EA builder or Expert Advisor builder will bring desired results.

Write detailed specification

Writing a good description of your trading robot is not easy, but the more time you spend on it, the less time it will take to code it. The programmer has to know every detail of your strategy, so either you will explain everything or you will get many questions to answer. Read more about writing good EA specifications.

Revealing the secret

Many people are afraid to reveal their trading strategy and are very suspicious towards programmers. It is understandable that you may not want to share your precious secret with anyone.

In reality, programmers are not much interested in stealing or sharing any strategies. The truth is that most Forex strategies fail in the long run and programmers know that. They realise that vast majority of EAs that they are asked to code are simply not worth much. Picking the good ones without forward testing (live trading) is difficult.

Nevertheless, if you want to gain a bit of protection, you can ask the programmer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you provide any details. Most developers should be familiar with this procedure.