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MT4 build 600

There was a major Metatrader 4 update in the first months of 2014. Lots of things have been added or changed by developers from Metaquotes. Most of these updates are important only for programmers, but there are a few which affect traders, too. The most important one is the new directory structure for storing custom trading software (EAs, indicators and scripts).

How to check your build number

You can easily find out which build number you have by going to Help->About.... There you should see something like: Version: 4.00 build 670. If your build number is higher than 509, it means that you have a new version of MT4 and that this article is for you.

Find your MQL4 folder

What you need to realise is that new builds of Metatrader use a different path for storing files. Normally you would go to the installation directory and place your experts and indicators there. This is no longer the case. The installation directory can be entirely different than the directory used for storing your custom software. In order to find the right place for your programs you should go to File->Open Data Folder. There you should see the MQL4 folder, which is the root directory for your trading programs.

New MT4 directory structure

Do not forget to restart Metatrader after adding any new files.

Most old programs should work fine with new builds of MT4. It should be enough to copy the .ex4 file into a correct directory. However, not all old source files (.mq4) can be compiled with new builds. Some of them may need to be modified by an MQL4 programmer.