How to update

Download the latest version of Forex Simulator from our download page and install it according to installation instructions, which simply means overwriting existing file.

Updating the software is free of charge.

Version 1.95

Oct 2023

  • Added support for local time zones. You can now select your own time zone when starting the simulation.
  • Faster downloads in Data Center.
  • It is now possible to add or change comments on closed trades.

Version 1.94

Dec 2022

  • Added new data source - 40+ Forex pairs, Dollar Index (UDXUSD), gold and silver.
  • Added new instrument from Dukascopy: US Dollar Index (DXY).

Version 1.93

Nov 2022

  • Data Center: Access to tick data in demo mode becomes limited to sample 2 years.

Version 1.92

Oct 2022

  • Fiexd problem with disabled SL checkbox in Visual Mode after deactivating it in normal mode.

Version 1.91

Dec 2021

  • Fixed: error in calculation of required margin. When trying to open consecutive trades (second, third, ...) the simulator used to reject them based on incorrect calculation.

Version 1.9

Feb 2021

  • Added Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and Etherum (ETHUSD) from Dukascopy.
  • 'Next Bar' and 'Prev. Bar' buttons can now work in two modes: Bar Open and Bar Close. It is now possible to move to the end of bar, not only to the beginning of the next one.
  • New improved login window.

Version 1.89

Nov 2019

  • Added support for 27 new currency pairs from Dukascopy.

Version 1.88

Sep 2019

  • Custom leverages. Now you can set any leverage from 1 to 1000.
  • Improved visual appearance on high DPI screens. Forex Simulator now supports custom scaling for displays in Windows.

Version 1.86

Dec 2018

  • Exporting statistics to Excel.
  • Displaying total position price and volume on the chart (separately for buy trades and sell trades).
  • Added to Visual Mode: displaying Risk-to-Reward ratio and changing default SL, TP and entry distances.

Version 1.85

Oct 2018

  • Partial close by entering percentage of trade size.
  • Equity/balance graph is now included when exporting the simulation to MT4 report.
  • Fixed: bankruptcy problem when going over $21,000,000.

Version 1.84

Oct 2018

  • Fixed problems with incorrect displaying of text inside windows and buttons in some countries.
  • Fixed problems with Japanese symbols in Windows usernames.

Version 1.82

Sep 2018

  • It is now possible to rewind (step back bar by bar) a simulation which has ended or bankrupted.
  • Fixed issues with displaying trades occurring after applying templates to the chart.

Version 1.8

Sep 2018

  • New Sessions window for displaying opening and closing times of major trading sessions: New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney.
  • You can now simulate broker's commissions. Commission per lot can be set when starting the simulation.
  • Maximum drawdown of each trade is displayed on the list of closed trades.
  • You can now restore last used settings in the New Simulation window.

Version 1.79

May 2018

  • More leverage settings: 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500 and 1:1000
  • Setting the number of bars/candles for each created chart (from 1,000 to 200,000 bars)

Version 1.78

Apr 2018

  • Displaying trade duration on the list of closed trades
  • Adding comments to trades
  • SL and TP can now be set as price level as well as in pips. You can also display them in these two ways on the list of trades.
  • You can now place pending orders by entering price level instead of setting distance in pips.
  • Finished simulations can now be saved, too. It allows you to review them at a later time.
  • Fixed: problems with using/importing some instruments from MT4. The simulator was not able to load instruments that have no digits after the decimal point.
  • You can change the order of Buy and Sell buttons, so you can place them in the same way as in Metatrader. This can be set when starting the simulator, in the same window where you enter your e-mail and activation code.

Version 1.76

Mar 2018

  • Fixed: incorrect calculation of floating equity (unrealized profit/loss). Problem appeared after opening several trades with different sizes.

Version 1.74

Jan 2018

  • Fixed: problem with invalid candles when importing data from Metatrader

Version 1.73

Aug 2017

  • Fixed: problems when using non-default display scaling on Windows

Version 1.72

Apr 2017

  • Width of main window can now be increased to allow faster access to tabs
  • You can copy chart objects (trendlines, labels, etc.) to all charts with just one click

Version 1.71

Mar 2017

  • Automatic pause on certain events: SL, TP, execution of pending order, reaching a defined price level
  • Added Order templates

Version 1.7

Mar 2017

  • Importing historical data from the broker (Metatrader). Read more about using broker's data.
  • Exporting trade history to Excel.
  • Ability to preset Trailing Stop and Auto B/E for all subsequent trades.
  • Keeping original SL prices in trade history.
  • Ability to use negative values for Trailing Stop and Auto B/E.

Version 1.68

Nov 2016

  • Fixed: incorrect calculation of profit/loss for partial closing

Version 1.67

Nov 2016

  • Fixed: incorrect displaying of high timeframe charts (e.g. monthly, weekly) - mirror effect.

Version 1.66

Nov 2016

  • Optimized Data Center - faster downloads of historical data and economic calendar.

Version 1.65

  • Fixed: problems with loading simulations saved on weekend.

Version 1.64

  • Bunch downloads of tick data: selecting many instruments for download instead of just one.

Version 1.63

  • Added: Hotkeys
  • Enhanced saving/loading: restoring charts with all attached indicators and objects, restoring all settings.
  • Fixed: problem with non-English characters in folder paths

Version 1.62

  • Including statistics in HTML reports
  • Fixed: graphics problems on Ultra HD screens

Version 1.6

  • Rewinding the simulation (going back candle-by-candle on each chart)
  • Fixed: downloading data from TrueFX (problems due to changes on their website)

Version 1.57

  • Additional chart navigation in main window

Version 1.56

  • Added: monthly timeframe

Version 1.55

  • Fixed: problem with disappearing windows
  • Fixed: problems with connecting to Metatrader

Version 1.52

  • Fixed: problem with downloading economic calendar

Version 1.51

  • Fixed: precision of real-time mode

Version 1.5

  • Added real-time speed mode
  • Added exporting to HTML reports (MT4 statements)
  • Fixed: slow memory leak when downloading large portions of data from Dukascopy
  • Fixed: errors while downloading certain portions of data from TrueFX

Version 1.42

  • Added: possibility to hide historical (closed) trades from charts

Version 1.4

  • Added: more instruments from Dukascopy (stock indexes and oil)
  • Added: New York Close charts
  • Improved on-chart labels: selecting corner and minimizing
  • Fixed: problem with downloading economic calendar

Version 1.3

  • Added: option to see more history on newly opened charts

Version 1.2

  • Fixed: bug with OCO
  • Added: download from backup location for economic calendar

Version 1.1

  • Added: TrueFX as historical data provider
  • Added: currency filter to News window

Version 1.01

  • Fixed: problem with visual trading on undocked charts