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Forex Simulator - Problems on build 1210

The problem

On 6 September 2019 Metaquotes released an update to Metatrader that we call build 1210. Unfortunately, this update causes many speed issues on Forex Simulator. The simulator has become very slow and almost unusable.

The remedy

Problem was solved by Metaquotes on 10 September 2019. They issued a new update for Metatrader (build 1212).

You have two options now:

How to check your MT4 version (build number)

Click on Help in the main menu of Metatrader and select About. A small window will appear and you will see your build number near the bottom.

Check build number

If your build number is 1210, Forex Simulator will probably work extremely slowly. In such case please follow the steps below to update it manually to build 1212 or wait for automatic updates.

Manual update to build 1212

  1. Download new terminal.exe and metaeditor.exe files:

    terminal.exe (build 1212)

    metaeditor.exe (build 1212)

    Alternatively, you can download them from this page.

    Make sure that you know the location of these files after downloading. It may be your desktop or some other location, depending on your browser settings.

  2. Find the installation folder of your Metatrader. If you have a Desktop shortcut, you can right-click on it and choose Open file location.

    Open file location

  3. Copy the downloaded terminal.exe and metaeditor.exe files to Metatrader installation folder.

    When asked choose to replace the files.

    You may need administrator access rights to do that. When system asks you, choose to continue with administrator rights.

    Copy and overwrite files

  4. Start Metatrader.

  5. Click on Help in the main menu of Metatrader and select About. Check if your build number is 1212. If yes, it means that you have updated Metatrader successfully.