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Simulation on multiple timeframes

MT4 Trading Simulator Pro lets you run the simulation on several timeframes. It is very useful for traders who use higher timeframes as confirmation, but you can watch lower timeframes, too. The simulator supports all Metatrader built-in timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN1. However, the availability of historical data may be different on each timeframe. For example, lower timeframes usually have shorter history than higher timeframes. The amount of data depends on your broker and settings, since MT4 Trading Simulator Pro does not offer any own historical data. Read more about downloading historical data.

Following points describe how to configure and run the simulator on several timeframes.

1. Enable Multi_Timeframe option in EA properties. EA properties can be accessed using the Expert properties button in the top right corner of the Strategy Tester.

EA properties window

2. Press the Start button in the Strategy Tester to start the simulation.

3. MT4 Trading Simulator Pro will display a loading window. Please wait until all timeframes are loaded. It may take a while. Please make sure that the Strategy Tester is not paused at that time.

Loading window

4. When loading is completed, the following window will appear. It shows you which timeframes will be available during the simulation.

Available timeframes window

5. You can open the chart of any available timeframe from the list by going to File -> Open offline in the main menu of Metatrader. These charts have names starting with !SIMULATOR. You can also open and close these charts later during the simulation.

Open offline

6. Finally, press the Start simulation button and start training!

Frequently asked questions

I don't see my trades on offline charts. Why?

Trade levels and modification lines are only displayed on the main chart where the simulator is running. All other charts can be used for watching price action and indicators, but can not be used directly for trading.

Can I open many charts of the same timeframe?

Unfortunately, each timeframe can be opened only once. If you open more charts of the same timeframe, only one of them will work.

Why aren't all timeframes available?

It depends on the availability of historical data. For example, history on lower timeframes is usually much shorter than history on higher timeframes. Read more about downloading historical data.

Can I attach indicators to offline charts?

Yes, of course. All built-in indicators and most custom ones will work fine. You can also use MT4 templates on offline charts.

Can I use multi-timeframe indicators?

Some of them may work and some may not. It depends on how these indicators are programmed. In general, if you want to see an indicator on H4 while trading on M15 for example, it is better to attach this indicator to H4 offline chart than to use a multi-timeframe version on M15.

You can test all your favourite indicators on MT4 Trading Simulator Pro demo version before purchasing. Demo version has all the features of full version. The only limitation is the number of trades per simulation.