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1. I bought the program, but I don't know how to activate it.

In order to run the full version of the program follow these steps:

2. Where is my activation code? I do not have it.

Your activation code is sent to you by e-mail automatically after making payment. If you do not have it, please check your spam folder, use our activation code recovery tool or contact us.

3. I lost my activation code.

Please use our activation code recovery tool or contact us.

4. How can I check the number of remaining activations?

The number of used activations can be checked with our activation code recovery tool. You can also contact us.

5. My MT4 accounts have expired and I have already used all 10 activations. What can I do?

If you ever exceed your activations limit, you can always clear your activations or contact us. It does NOT mean that you can use more than 10 accounts at the same time, but you can migrate to new accounts when your old accounts expire.

6. I set the starting date in the Strategy Tester, but the simulation starts from a different time.

You do not have enough historical data, so the simulation is shortened. Please read more about downloading historical data.

7. There is no 'visual mode' setting in the Strategy Tester

Usually, it is enough to make the tester window a bit larger by dragging its top border upwards.

However, for some reason it does not work in all cases. There is a bug in MT4, which manifests on some computers. If you are unlucky to have it, the only thing we can advise you is to reinstall Metatrader. Please note that this problem is not a bug in the simulator and we are not able to do anything about it.

8. The simulation does not start after pressing the Start button and I can hear a short sound (beep).

Please check if settings of the Strategy Tester are correct. Most common cause is an incorrect range of time entered in From and To input fields. Please also look at the Journal tab of the Strategy Tester as it should contain more information about the problem.

If you are unsure about your settings, please send us a screenshot or a photo and we will check them. Taking screenshots is explained on this website. You can also compare your settings with sample ones below.

Another cause may be the lack of historical data for the selected instrument, timeframe and range of time. Read more about downloading historical data.

Settings in the Strategy Tester

9. The chart says 'Waiting for update', but nothing happens.

It is usually because of the lack of historical data for the selected instrument, timeframe and range of time. Read more about downloading historical data. Please also look at the Journal tab of the Strategy Tester as it should contain more information about the problem.

10. TestGenerator: unmatched data error

It is a Metatrader problem with historical data. It is not related to MT4 Trading Simulator Pro. It will show up when backtesting any other Expert Advisor. In short, it means that historical data is corrupted at some point and one timeframe does not match other timeframes.

MT4 downloads its data from your broker, so this problem is connected to the quality of broker's data. You can read more about this error at EarnForex.

Nevertheless, it is not a critical error and you can still run the simulation.

Unmatched data error

11. Tester: exchange rate cannot be calculated (or margin exchange rate cannot be calculated)

It means that Metatrader is not able to convert traded currencies to deposit currency. It usually helps to change the deposit currency for the simulation. In the Strategy Tester go to Expert Properties -> Testing tab and change the currency near the Initial deposit box.

Changing deposit currency

12. The simulation terminates after placing the first trade.

Please navigate to the Journal tab of the Strategy Tester. The cause of the problem should be displayed there. It is usually the exchange rate calculation problem explained in the previous question.

13. Buy and Sell buttons are not working.

Usually it happens when SL or TP are too small. Try setting them to much bigger numbers or to zero (disable). Each instrument has its own minimum required distance for setting Stop Losses and Take Profits. Sometimes default values are just too small. The distance must be bigger than the minimum required distance plus spread.

You can check the distance required by your broker in Metatrader. Press Ctrl + U to open the Symbols window. Select a symbol and click on Properties. The required distance will be shown as Stops level. Please note that it is displayed in points (not pips), while MT4 Trading Simulator Pro operates in pips. You can set the size of pip in simulator's input settings before starting the simulation.

Minimum required distance Setting the size of pip

Other possible cause is that there is not enough free margin to open certain trades. It means that either they are too big to open or you have too many open trades. Every opened trade consumes a portion of your free margin. You can check the state of free margin in the top of trade list window.

Free margin

14. Spread is so huge when I start the simulation on weekend. Why is that?

The Strategy Tester always uses the last recorded size of spread. It means that spread may be different each time you start the simulation. Some brokers increase spreads on weekends, thus affecting your backtests and simulations. However, you can use user-defined size of spread by entering it in the Spread input of the Strategy Tester.

Setting spread

15. My custom indicators are not working correctly with the simulator.

Unfortunately, not all custom indicators will work with MT4 Trading Simulator Pro. For example, multi-currency indicators will certainly not work due to the nature of backtesting in Metatrader. In the same way indicators that look into other timeframes may not work correctly.

All standard built-in MT4 indicators will work fine. As for custom indicators, it depends on how they were programmed. You can always test your favourite indicators using free demo version of the simulator before buying it.

16. The simulator freezes or becomes less responsive after attaching my indicators.

It happens with many custom indicators. After all, not all indicators are programmed for backtesting. Some of them work great on live charts, but are extremely slow on the Strategy Tester. Soft4FX has no control over third-party indicators, so there is no general solution to this problem.

What we recommend is running them on a separate offline chart instead of the main chart. You can do it by using multi-timeframe mode. For example, instead of attaching your indicators to the main H1 chart, you can open !SIMULATOR,H1 offline chart and attach them there (see below).

In other words, multi-timeframe mode may be useful even when working with only one timeframe.

Offline H1 chart

17. Metatrader freezes when I try to remove indicators from the chart. What is wrong?

It is a known problem with Metatrader. It happens when the speed slider in the Strategy Tester is set to maximum. The solution is to pause the Strategy Tester for the time of removing indicators. You can do it quickly using Pause key.

18. The simulation is too slow. What can I do?

Possible solutions are:

19. The simulation is too slow in multi-timeframe mode, but the speed is fine when using only one timeframe.

You can try to increase the MTF_Refreshing_Delay parameter in Expert Properties. Try to use values such as 200, 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000. This parameter sets the frequency of refreshing other charts (offline charts) in multi-timeframe mode. For example, the default setting of 100 tells the simulator to update other timeframes every 100 miliseconds.

20. The simulator window is too small / The fonts are too big or too small.

Hopefully, this can be adjusted in Expert Properties before starting the simulation with Scale_Percent, Auto_Scale_Fonts and Font_Size settings. It is explained in our User guide.

Font sizes