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Forex Simulator - Troubleshooting

1. I bought the program, but I don't know how to activate it.

Please refer to installation section.

2. Where is my activation code? I do not have it.

Your activation code is sent to you by e-mail automatically after making payment. If you do not have it, please check your spam folder, use our activation code recovery tool or contact us.

3. Entering my e-mail and activation code every time I start the simulator is so tiring.

Fortunately, you can use Save and Load buttons to store your credentials and avoid entering them every time.

Load/Save buttons

4. I lost my activation code.

Please use our activation code recovery tool or contact us.

5. How can I check the number of remaining activations?

The number of used activations can be checked with our activation code recovery tool. You can also contact us.

6. My MT4 accounts have expired and I have already used all 10 activations. What can I do?

If you ever exceed your activations limit, you can always clear your activations or contact us. It does NOT mean that you can use more than 10 accounts at the same time, but you can migrate to new accounts when your old accounts expire.

7. I can't download the program. My computer says that it can't open the file.

You do not actually need to open it. All you need to do is to save the file to your disk. Then, please follow installation instructions. Please do not be scared that the file has EX4 extension, which is not recognized by your operating system and cannot be opened or executed. It is perfectly fine. It is a Metatrader add-on, not a Windows executable file (EXE).

If there are any problems with downloading the file, you can try with a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari, Opera) or ask us to send you the file by e-mail.

8. I get error: Could not start the simulator.

You can find more information about the problem on Experts tab of the Terminal (Ctrl + T or View -> Terminal). Please send us a screenshot or a photo of this tab and we will try to help. Taking screenshots is explained on this website.

We know that this problem may occur when your Windows username contains some non-English letters. It is because MT4 stores its data in C:\Users\[your username]\... by default. Having non-English characters in the path is the source of problems with starting the simulator. In such case we recommend running Metatrader in portable mode and choosing a simple path for it.

Could not start the simulator

9. My custom indicators are not working correctly with Forex Simulator.

Unfortunately, not all custom indicators will work with Forex Simulator. For example, multi-currency indicators will certainly not work. In the same way indicators that look into other timeframes may not work correctly. Some custom indicators may also slow down the simulation.

All standard built-in MT4 indicators will work fine. As for custom indicators, it depends on how they were programmed. You can always test your favourite indicators using free demo version of the simulator before buying it.

10. I have problems with multi-timeframe indicators.

Sometimes indicators are programmed to look at other timeframes. If you want to use such indicators on Forex Simulator, you need to create and open charts of all required timeframes, not only the one you intend to use for trading.

If you do not know which timeframes are required by your indicators, you may be forced to use trial and error method or to open all standard timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. You can keep them minimized, but they have to be there.

All timeframes

11. The simulator seems to work slowly on my laptop, especially when downloading data.

If you are working on a laptop, plug it in. Laptops working on battery may sometimes offer lower performance to save energy. It is also advisable to use cable Internet connection instead of WiFi when downloading historical data. WiFi is usually much slower.

If the simulation is working slowly because of custom indicators attached to your charts, it is possible to reduce the number of bars per chart. Shorter charts often require less computations. The number of candles per chart can be changed in Metatrader menu: Tools -> Options -> Charts -> Max. bars in chart. Sample settings can be 5000, 3000 or even 1000. Changing this setting requires exiting the simulator and restarting Metatrader.


12. Metatrader crashes when I try to close it.

It is much safer to exit Forex Simulator before attempting to close Metatrader.

13. Sometimes the simulator's window disappear when I click on it. Then, it comes back when I click on the chart. What can I do?

We know that this problem occurs to a number of customers from time to time, most likely on Windows 7. To overcome it please enable Always On Top in EA properties when launching the simulator. It is not enabled by default, because keeping the simulator on top of all other windows may not be comfortable when working with other applications.

Always On Top

14. Is there any way to make my chart template load automatically on every chart I open?

Yes. Since Forex Simulator uses offline charts, all you need to do is to save your template as offline.tpl.

15. 'Method not found: ...' error appears when I try to download data in the Data Center.

Check if Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later is installed in your system: Check and install.

Method not found error

16. How can I hide historical (closed) trades from my charts? There are lots of them and they make my charts too messy.

You can show and hide them with a single click in Trades window. Click Trades button in the main window, go to History tab and unselect Show historical trades on chart.

Hide trading history

17. I started the simulation, but there are no bars on the chart. There is an empty chart with simulator's logo.

It is normal. The chart with logo will not be used for trading. It is required by the simulator to work, but you should not attach any indicators there. Please just leave it or minimize it.

You can create and open charts for trading in the Charts Selection window, as shown below. More information can be found in one of our video tutorials (the one titled 'charts').

Creating charts